Engineering Design

GP Technologies team members draw on their in-depth understanding of technical theory and practical application in pursuit of the most cost effective and reliable designs.

Our skilled professionals work within a collaborative environment, with ongoing interaction with our Customer, to narrow the many variables of power system and automation system design to the best possible option.

The designs we produce meet, and in most cases, exceed our customers’ requirements in the minimization of capital and operational costs, and the maximization of safety and reliability.

GP Technologies is well versed in national, provincial and municipal regulations which govern system design.


  • Substation Design up to 240kV
  • Substation Protection and Control Design
  • Protection Upgrades & Relay Settings
  • Detailed Design of Protection Panels
  • Automatic Transfer System Design
  • Load Shed Systems for Co-Gen Plants
  • Industrial Distribution and Motor Control
  • Ground Grid Design
  • Electrical Building Layouts

GPTech adheres to the following international standards, as well as individual Customer standards.