We are looking for the best people to join our team of experts.

Why GP Technologies?

We are a team of dedicated engineers and technologists that specialize in the design and analysis of power systems and automation systems.

Few other  consultants in Western Canada have the skill sets that we possess.  Our focus is to bring success to our Customers, while providing career satisfaction to our team members as well.

Our corporate culture stems from over 18 years of industry experience and the strong leadership values each of our executives possess—professionalism, thoroughness, innovation and growth.

We are strong believers in a work/life balance.  Flex your  time and your workplace.  We are committed to supporting our team members in being the best that they can be.  That means providing an environment which enables them to focus and collaborate – where, when and how they are most effective.

Individual Growth

Through the variety of projects we are involved in, there are many learning and collaborative opportunities where you can develop skills in your current role—to position you well for future career opportunities within GP Technologies.

Education and Professional Development

We believe strongly in ongoing education and professional development.  While establishing the balance between professional deliverables and career development, we help our team extend their knowledge and professional development by supporting both internal and external learning opportunities.

Recognition of Opportunity

Regardless if you are a new graduate or seasoned professional, if you recognize an opportunity for growth and contribution on our team, let us know.  Our diversity stems for individuals like you!

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